Level Up UTV Services

Full Service & Maintenance

We offer a full service package including but not limited to oil change, front and rear diffs, grease everything, cleaning air filter, checking tires. Reach out to us to have us build a custom service package for your ride.

Air Filter

Give your engine the most clean air possible to with a brand new air filter. Dirty air filters cuts down air flow & gets more dirt into the engine. Replacing your air filter gives you more power, better mileage and longer engine life. Let us take a look if your air filter needs changing.

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Audio & Light Installation

Choosing Level Up UTV as your audio & light installation experts means you get the finest installation and knowledge that money can buy. We have a wide selection of top-notch audio & light products to pick from. From amps & speaker pods to headlights & mirror lights we have it! We have many options that withstand the pressures of sand, dirt, & mud so you can have peace of mind while riding. Here at Level Up UTV, we make sure you get to enjoy blazing through any terrain while blasting your favorite songs and lighting up the night.

Oil Change

An oil change is super important to do to ensure your vehicle is operating at top performance. Getting regular oil changes saves you money on avoidable repairs over time. Getting regular oil changes & service improves gas mileage, broadens the life of your ride, keeps your engine temperature regulated and minimizes wear and tear. The engine and interior parts of your vehicle's engine gives signals when maintenance is required. As your ride’s mileage increases, the maintenance of your ride will change. Increased miles and weather play a major role in determining what is best for all vehicles. Our experts here at Level Up UTV take extra care with each service to observe these signals and make sure you can get back to enjoying your ride.

Battery Upgrade & Replacement

Don’t let a bad battery leave you stranded on the trail. We all know that person we ride with that we have to stop for because they have a bad battery. Don’t be that person and have your battery checked regularly. We carry our favorite and most recommended brand Full Throttle Battery. Upgrade your battery for better power and performance to power up all your added lights and electronic accessories.

Tire Alignment

Without proper alignment, tires will wear much faster and end up costing you unnecessary money to replace. During a vehicle's alignment service, adjustments are made to the camber, caster, and toe. These are visibly, negligible differences in your ride’s wheel position. However minor, every adjustment has the ability to improve performance whether on the dirt, sand or mud. Let us help you avoid wear on your tires by scheduling wheel alignment services with us throughout the year. The experienced technicians at Level Up UTV will make sure you have a safe and pleasant driving experience while you are out ripping through the sand and dirt.

Aftermarket Accessories & Upgrades Installation

We have a ton of aftermarket upgrades for your ride. From lights & audio to rims & tires we have it! If we do not have it in stock we can order it for you. Tell us your creative vision for your ride and we will help make the magic happen with our creativity and installation experience.

Steering Upgrades

When your vehicle's steering and suspension systems suffer, the driving experience does too. If you are having handling problems or notice strange movements over bumps or turns, or if you simply need a routine evaluation, our experts at Level Up UTV are here to help.


Does a bumpy ride have you wondering if your vehicle needs new suspension? Do you want to explore how upgrading your suspension can level up your ride’s handling performance and comfortability? Level Up UTV technicians will evaluate your ride’s suspension and help you pick a suspension that best fits your ride.

Tie Rods

Tie rods help push and pull the front tires as the steering wheel is turned. They play a major role in the safety & performance of your vehicle's steering. Like most parts, they go bad because the normal wear and tear of tie rods can result in inconsistent steering and extensive tire wear. Let the experts at Level Up UTV assess steering problems and repair or replace tie rods if necessary.

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Insurance Repairs

After an accident, it's important to choose a trusted mechanic to repair your ride to the shape it was before the incident. Here at Level Up UTV, we provide service for all insurance companies. We'll fix everything that needs to be repaired on your ride. We pride ourselves on being honest with our customers and will be upfront during the assessment if your vehicle isn't repairable. In addition, we'll do the paperwork to get you back riding as soon as possible. We hate waiting just as much as you do so we want to see you out riding instead of waiting for it to get repaired.

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